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Introducing: F1rst MiX’s

Introducing: F1rst MiX’s @F1M_Lien @F1M_Rea @F1M_Kae @F1M_Cocoro

F1rst MiX's

F1rst MiX’s made their big entrance onto the visual scene back in February, but S-T is finally here to give you all the details! (more…)

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LOST ASH Sends Their “MESSAGE” Loud and Clear

LOST ASH Sends Their “MESSAGE” Loud and Clear


Nesshin Music informed us of an exciting new LOST ASH release in the upcoming months. (more…)

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Interview: UnRealistic

Interview: UnRealistic @Tokutoku787 @xxU_KIxx @nagiii_ba @dr_kou


Last month, we introduced you readers to UnRealistic, a 4-member band that kicked off band activities with their first mini album release on April 2nd. The band, featuring ex-Called≠Plan’s Yuuto, has only played a few shows so far, but this up-and-coming band is planning to take on 2014 with all they’ve got.

Shattered-Tranquility had the wonderful opportunity to chat with UnRealistic in their…

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蒼-AO- to Disband

蒼-AO- to Disband @neonvo @ao_shunshun @AOHIROKI1 @kazuyaao @ao_ryota


Disheartening news for 蒼-AO- fans today.

According to the band’s OHP and member blogs, as of June 3rd, 蒼-AO- will say farewell to their fans and close the curtain on their four-year career.


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Downer to Disband this August

Downer to Disband this August

downer2014Downer have endured many a lineup change since their formation, and after the addition of their drummer and bassist last year, things appeared to be looking up. However nearly a month after the release of their latest mini album, those hopes of continuing on were shattered. Announced back in March, Downer stated that this August, they would be disbanding at their last live. An official statement…

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South Korea to Get a Taste of Royz

South Korea to Get a Taste of Royz @Royz_official


Overseas fans are going to be in luck this June, as Royz announced they will be embarking on their third overseas activity.

Destination: Seoul, South Korea.


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Exist Trace’s Archangel Diamond International Fanclub to Start With a Bang

Exist Trace’s Archangel Diamond International Fanclub to Start With a Bang @swordofangels

Fans will remember back in Feburary that Exist Trace announced a rather big surprise for their overseas fans. And today, Exist Trace has announced more information on their new International Fanclub, Archangel Diamond, and it’s enough to make any overseas Exist Trace fan jump for the clouds.

RESONANCE Media dropped Shattered-Tranquility a lot of news in a tiny press release today, including…

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L’arc’s Tetsuya to Become a Father

L’arc’s Tetsuya to Become a Father

Tetsuya & Ayana

We’re unfortunately aware of our tendency to be the bearers of bad news at, but today we actually have something much happier to announce! Reports began surfacing on Monday that L’arc~en~Ciel’s leader and bassist, Tetsuya, is expecting his first child. His wife, 28-year-old celebrity Ayana Sakai, is six months pregnant and due this summer. (more…)

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Health Issues Lead Kiryu to Raise Cheki Prices

Health Issues Lead Kiryu to Raise Cheki Prices @kiryu_official


Visual kei collectors and concert-goers are bound to be familiar with cheki — the tiny Polaroid photos you can purchase of your favorite band members. They’re popular because they’re one-of-a-kind, often autographed, and serve as a nice memento of the lives fans have been to. Prices can vary for cheki, especially bought second-hand, but the current industry standard for new cheki purchased at a…

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Theft at Lives


Hello, readers! (I just love seeing my picture up there!)

I’m taking a break from bringing you a fun, random fact this week to talk about something a little more serious. In the past month or so, I’ve been hearing a lot of reports of theft during lives. It’s sad to think that this is becoming a more common problem, and that more foreign fans have also become victims. So gather ’round, and let’s…

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