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SIGNAL One-Day Revival


SIGNAL fans have had a hard year. After the band’s loss of their drummer, Raychel, in June at their One-Man “OVER THE DEAD LINE”, their announced disbandment in September after their final One-Man “CROSSING FATE” , and then the theft of their funds by SIGNAL’s bassist, Shion, no one expected the band to be on speaking terms with one another, let alone willing to work together another time.


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Random Fact: Random Rules

Random Fact: Random Rules


Hey guys, just got back from our annual Weekend at Ernie’s party and your pal Ernie is dead tired. But not too tired bring you a Random Fact!

Now, we here at are always on our best behavior at shows, and we know our readers are, too. You mind your manners, you don’t get into fights, you don’t throw things, you don’t steal, and you certainly obey livehouse’s special rules… Right? Most of…

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Misaruka Releases First MV Collection

Misaruka Releases First MV Collection


Exciting news for fans of Misaruka–this May, the band will be releasing their first MV collection!  The DVD is called “-Animus-” and will be released on the 7th.  It will contain every single music video that Misaruka has released between 2011 and 2013.  Some of these videos are very hard to find: a few were only included on first press editions of releases, and others were only available at…

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R-Shitei Announces New Single by Asking an Uncomfortable Question

R-Shitei Announces New Single by Asking an Uncomfortable Question


R-Shitei has announced a new single in May, and to promote it, they’ve conducted some impromptu (or faux impromptu) street interviews asking people a rather off-putting question…


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Nico Nico Nama Weekly - April 15-21

Nico Nico Nama Weekly – April 15-21

Dear readers, it’s Sunday night and you know what that means! It means an all new episode of the hit survival show, Naked and Afraid, on Discovery Channel! Wait, that’s not right. Oh, yeah. It’s time to update you on this week’s upcoming Nico Nico broadcasts!

First let’s review what you hopefully caught last week. Moran with special guest BORN, DUAL CORE SOUND bands, Minus Jin-Say Orchestra, and

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Two Members Vanish from Vanish

Two Members Vanish from Vanish

vanish official

It seems like Vanish is having a hard hiatus. At the end of 2013, Vanish announced that 2014 would start with a hiatus. Guitarist Sayois suffering from focal hand dystonia, a type of neurological disorder common in musicians. It manifests as miscommunication between the brain and specific parts of the body and requires intensive, long-term “retraining” therapy. The unfortunate result is that…

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ROMANESQUE A LIVE Regains One Member, Loses Two

ROMANESQUE A LIVE Regains One Member, Loses Two

romanesque a live

We have both good news and bad news for fans of ROMANESQUE A LIVE today.

In January, it was announced that Mitsuki, formerly of L’avie EN would be joining ROMANESQUE A LIVE as lead guitarist.  However, it seems that he encountered health troubles very early in his career with the band.  The exciting news today is that he is recovered, and has been officially back onstage with ROMANESQUE A LIVE…

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ViSULOG Mejibray Interview: 1st Live DVD

ViSULOG Mejibray Interview: 1st Live DVD

 meji 1

MEJIBRAY’s live DVD, A PRIORI Ei: Joshō -Counting Goats- TOUR FINAL AT TSUTAYA O-EAST, is finally here. This is the second of three new MEJIBRAY releases for 2014, and we’re excited to bring you a second interview with the band as well, picking up where last month’s left off.

This interview is not exclusive to, but serves as a translation for ViSULOG’s interview.…

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THE KIDDIE Releases New Single

THE KIDDIE Releases New Single

the kiddie

THE KIDDIE has a new single coming up on April 16th, and the name is quite interesting.  It is written “1414287356″ and read as ヒトヨヒトヨニハナミゴロ (Hitoyohitoyonihanamigoro).  The new single will be released on April 16th in two types.

2014 has already been a busy time for THE KIDDIE–this is their second single release of the year, following “emit.” which was released on February 12th.  However, 2013…

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We told you earlier this week that PIERROT had a big announcement to make on April 12th, and boy, were we right. (more…)

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