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Glam Grammar’s “Tokyo Nanashi-chan”

Glam Grammar’s “Tokyo Nanashi-chan”

glam grammarIt’s been a long time since we’ve talked about Glam Grammar, hasn’t it? Nearly five months after the release of their latest single 「少女A」(Shoujo A,) they’re gearing up for their next on August 13th! 「東京名無しちゃん♀」(Tokyo Nanashi-chan♀) is set to drop in two types, one including a DVD and another a bonus track. You can currently preorder both through CDJapan at the links below, and you can learn more…

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Royz Giveaway Winner


For the past two weeks, has been running a giveaway for a special Royz board, signed by the members.

The winner of the raffle was Ellen! Congratulations, and we will be contacting you shortly!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and we hope that you enjoyed both the interview and raffle.

Keep your eyes peeled for more great giveaways from!

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Ensoku’s Minoru Takes a Break & New Single Announcement

Ensoku’s Minoru Takes a Break & New Single Announcement @ensokuchan


We’ve got some bad news and we’ve got some good news for  えんそく (Ensoku) fans today. (more…)

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rice Can’t Put It into Words

rice Can’t Put It into Words @rice_yuki @rice_hiro


Have you been eating your rice lately? The duo has been rapidly picking up speed since their 2012-2013 hiatus, and they are now set to release their 16th single, 言葉にできない (Kotoba ni Dekinai).


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Nico Nico Nama - July 21-27

Nico Nico Nama – July 21-27

Readers, what do you watch in between Nico Nico Nama streams? Ernie’s been bingeing on Netflix and just finished the entire Battlestar Galactica series in, like, two weekends. And now Ernie’s frakkin’ sad that the series is over… But at least we’ve got a good week of VK video to tide Ern over until the next obsession, eh?

Last week was another exciting one: WeZ, An Cafe, SaTaN, Moran, ALIVE* and

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Introducing: DiSPiNA

Introducing: DiSPiNA @dispinaofficial


Today, we would like to introduce a new indies band based in Tokyo, albeit at an inconvenient time. (more…)

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SPELL BOX Kisses Better

SPELL BOX Kisses Better

spell box

That’s right folks.

It may seem like a while since we have heard from SPELL BOX, but they have kept busy.  On July 30th, they will be releasing their first official single, “Better Kiss.”  SPELL BOX has actually released many singles in the past, including one just this past April, but most of these singles have been limited to purchase at live venues, or from one specific seller.  This single…

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Introducing: Lylow

Introducing: Lylow @Lylow_maro @Lylow_Miru @Lylow_Nike @Lylow_Taro


How many bands do you see lately with official mascot characters? Not many? Well, let us introduce you to Lylow, a band that made its official debut this spring. (more…)

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Back in May, SCREW announced that they would be releasing their next album “PSYCHO MONSTERS” on August 20th, but provided scant details. Now, we have those details in full, and even a PV clip to give you a taste of SCREW’s hard and loud rock sound. “PSYCHO MONSTERS” is being released in three types, all available for pre-order on CDJapan. (more…)

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Details on AUBE’s Last Single

Details on AUBE’s Last Single


We finally have all the details on AUBE‘s last single coming out on July 23rd!

Last month, we announced that not only would AUBE disband on August 15th, but also that they wouldn’t leave fans empty-handed. They planned to release an unnamed single on July 23rd, but they have revealed that the title of the last single will be “P.S.”. It comes in just one type for 1296yen. You can pre-order it on…

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