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Ask Ernie: Heisei Ishin and N@H and Paradeis, Oh My!

Ask Ernie: Heisei Ishin and N@H and Paradeis, Oh My!

Hey folks! Boy, it feels like I just saw you all yesterday. Oh, wait – I did. But now I’m back for another round of Ask Ernie! This week’s question is about a few different band members, courtesy of reader Jeremy:

Can you tell me the name of Heisei Ishin, Noah’s new band please? Also can you tell me the name of the band that the singer of Dan Paradeis is in now?


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Nico Nico Nama Weekly— Sept. 2-8

Hellllloooo dear readers! It’s Ernie with your Nico Nico Nama Weekly broadcasts.

Nico Nico Nama…

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Nico Nico Nama Weekly— Aug. 12-18

Hello there folks and dear readers! It’s Ernie with your delivery of the Nico Nico Nama Weekly!


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For fans of N@H and Ap(r)il, today we have news for you! Though N@H is planning on going on pause…

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N@H to go on a Temporary Activity Pause

For fans of N@H, this might not be the news you wanted to hear. Announced via Yukkie’s blog, N@H…

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Introducing: LUCHe.

LUCHe. is a new band whose website opened last month, with their activities beginning on March 31st.

The members are:

Vocal - 斗真 (Tohma)
Guitar - ひかる (Hikaru)
Guitar - 一縷 (Ichiru) [ex-リミット (Limit)]
Bass - ゆたか (Yutaka) [ex-ZEAK]
Drums - 敬斗 (Keito)

Their first single, 七色story (nanairo story), will hit the stores on April 4th. It contains two tracks for 1,260 yen. The title fits with the band’s concept: Various Colour Rock. For those who wish to pre-order this release, it’s available for pre-order on CDJapan.

LUCHe.’s first live will be in celebration of this single. Fans who purchase 七色story  at the date will receive a special privilege. Their schedule counts two more events after that.

March 31st @ HOLIDAY OSAKA
『Various Colors Story』
LUCHe. / N@H-ノア- / Vent Croix / GLOSSA / Seek Of Liberty / MeLt-メルト。- / and more…
Tickets: 2,500 yen

May 4th @ Kobe Mersey Beat
Called≠Plan / FUTURISM・BOYZ / ワン★スター (One★Star) / LUCHe. / 2nd Dyz / スカーレット (Scarlett) / ASTRAY

(details not yet fixed)

Source: LUCHe. OHP, vkdb, CDJapan

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Random Fact of the Day

So yesterday, the site was updated with some new band introductions. I was taking a look through to see what we had, and stumbled across Yukkie from N@H’s blog.

He wrote something pretty interesting about the origin of the new band’s name:

I read about Noah’s ark in a book or something, [being in a band] is like rescuing people with music, so I wanted to have that sort of meaning behind it.

I also thought that it’s good to have a band name that’s easy to remember and easy to call out.

One more meaning behind the name, as Yukkie explained, is:

N@H=New organization@Heisei ishin

Check out our introduction and find links to the OHP and member blogs here!

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