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Tritt fur Tritt’s VK-Packed 10th Anniversary

Tritt fur Tritt’s VK-Packed 10th Anniversary @ado33make32


Tritt fur Tritt is a well-known hair salon that has worked with various visual artists over its 10-year history. To commemorate its decade anniversary, the brand will be celebrating with a massive hair show involving over forty visual kei models… and a live! The event will be held this September, so if you’re in Japan or have plans to be in the country, you’ve got plenty of time to make plans.…

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the:0 Jump Starts This Summer

the:0 Jump Starts This Summer @1b1r1a @Hiroya_7_gt @NEGASANofficial @ARU_VIORGLOIRE @nagisuke0000


The visual scene is in a buzz today, and it’s not hard to see why after the announcement just a little while ago about some of our favorite Osaka-based band members.

EX – NEGA. Ex- REEPER. Ex- vior gloire. Ex-  Regalia.

Just who is the:0?

And just what is their planned summer “Initiation?”

It was announced just an hour ago that the:0, a new 5-piece band in the Kansai region, will begin…

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Big News for THE BLACK SWAN (ex-Nega)

Big News for THE BLACK SWAN (ex-Nega)


Today at midnight THE BLACK SWAN, which was previously announced as Jin (ex-Nega’s) new project, saw a major update to its website. It looks like the band is getting ready to kick things off with a tour in place of a first live beginning June 6th.

And while the rest of the band seems to be decided without a doubt, there’s no official announcement just yet about who these mystery members are.…

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Post-NEGA, Jin Makes His Return

There’s no denying that hearts were broken both overseas and at home during NEGA’s last live. And…

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LIPHLICH’s second single

LIPHLICH is releasing their second single on May 16th!

Ms.Luminous - 1,890 yen
1. ミズルミナス (Ms.Luminous)
2.  雨模様 (amamoyou)
3. My Name Was
ミズルミナス (Ms.Luminous) PV

It’s the first time we talk about LIPHLICH on, so a short introduction is in order!

The members are:
Vocal: 久我新悟 (Kuga Shingo)
Guitar: 菊池明人 (Kikuchi Akito)
Bass: 進藤渉 (Shindou Wataru)
Drums: 丸山英紀 (Maruyama Eiki)

The band was formed in 2010 and released one album independently.. Their first single, 6 Degrees of Separation, came out on February 1st of this year.

For those curious about their sound, they have three videos uploaded on YouTube, including a promotion clip for Ms.Luminous. Watch it and let us know what you think!

Next moth, they have their first one-man show! Titled 6 Degrees of Separation, it will take place on April 13th at SHIBUYA-REX. Tickets are 2,500 and already on sale.

The rest of their schedule is as follows:

March 27th @ Shin’yokohama SUNPHONIX HALL
SCAPEGOAT / LIPHLICH / Awake / Nega / Fi’Ance

March 30 @ Takadanobaba AREA
Moran / LIPHLICH / Lycaon / DISH / ヴィディオグラマァ (Video Glamour) / MUNIMUNI

April 25th @ EDGE Ikebukuro
LIPHLICH / NightingeiL / ヴィディオグラマァ (Video Glamour) / オトガデッド (Otogadead) / THE VELVET

May 4th @ Shinjuku FNV
LIPHLICH / トーマス (Thomas)

May 5th @ EDGE Ikebukuro
LIPHLICH / スカーレット (Scarlett) / ブラックピック (BLACK PIG) / コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon)

June 5th @ Osaka THE LIVE HOUSE soma
Sel’m / cocklobin / Cat fisT / LIPHLICH / EAT YOU ALIVE / Decay

June 6th @ Nagoya ell. FITS ALL
Sel’m / cocklobin / Cat fisT / LIPHLICH / EAT YOUT ALIVE /MoNoLith

Tickets to all these lives are 3,000 yen.

Source: Official blog, Twitter, YouTube, CDJapan

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UCP’s ‘precious records’ release

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that they will be re-releasing “precious records” at shops. They also have announced information for their nine year anniversary event!

The “precious records” that are being released have all been released before, but only via mail order or at live shows. The following releases will all come out on April 4th.

First up is 凛 (Lin), who will be releasing their single “Ambient Cosmo”, which was originally available at their oneman lives on October 2nd and 8th. The single contains only the title track, for 1050 yen.

They will also be releasing their DVD, “an epidemic of “OVERTURE”-2011.8.07 OSAKA BIG CAT-” for 4830 yen.

DVD Tracklist
1. 凛 (Lin)
2. Feeling Universe
4. Fake Dance
5. Sterilization
6. Metamorphose
8. Flowers Bloom
9. Call Back
+ Off shot footage

The first press edition comes with four PVs : 「As If Forever Exists. 」「Metamorphose」 「Silent To My Pain」「Flowers Bloom」.

The KISAKI PROJECT feat. Satsuki release, 「消影」 (Shouei), will cost 1050 yen, and features the title track.

From NEGA, fans will now be able to purcahse their DVD, “PEREUNION-CODE20110726-“. The DVD costs 5250 yen, and contains 120 minutes, plus the full tracklist from their revival and 6th anniversary live on July 26th at Shibuya O-WEST.

Megaromania’s DVD, 「X’mas SINGLE「BLESSING MYTH 」 (TYPE A) will cost 5250 yen. Included is a single track CD, as well as a live DVD featuring footage from their oneman tour final, “emergence the kingdom”, that took place on September 29th at Shibuya O-WEST.

Also from Megaromania will be their “Re:birth of creation” single, that costs 1050 yen, and was originally only available at their live on December 20th at Shinjuku LOFT.

Source: Visulog, Brand-x

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NEGA’s new album and oneman tour

NEGA will be releasing their second full album this spring in two types!

The album will be titled, “VANITAS”, and there will be a Type A that includes a DVD, and a type B that comes with a bonus track. The full tracklist is not yet available, but it will have 13 songs including album versions of “FABLE IN THE COLD BED” and “DELUGE”, as well as the postponed song, 「躊躇うことなく「 」を傷付けた指先は、途惑うことなく穢れた「 」を飾る」 (Tamerau kotonaku ” ” wo Kizutsuketa Yubisaki wa, Michi Modou Kotonaku Kegareta ” ” wo Kazaru).

VANITAS - Type A (CD + DVD) - 4,200 yen
DVD contains 「虚しき「生」の寓意≒「死」の真意」 (Munashiki “Sei” no Guui ≒ “Shi” no Shinni) PV

VANITAS - Type B (CD only) - 3,360 yen
Comes with the bonus track, “REASONANCE”

Also included in the release is a “draft paper” which will allow anyone who goes to their TOUR FINAL 7TH ANNIVERSARY oneman, “OMNIA VANITAS - What’s the Necessary? What’s the Unnecessary? -“, on July 26th to receive two special privileges.

Special Privilege 1 : a CD containing “MMFP”, a “phantom song” not included on the album
Special Privilege 2 : A special booklet, “OMNIA VANITAS”, which is a photo and poetry collection that expresses the views from the album “VANITAS”

Their 7TH ANNIVERSARY oneman, “OMNIA VANITAS - What’s the Necessary? What’s the Unnecessary? -“, will take place at Shibuya O-WEST on July 26th, and costs 3,200 yen to attend.

Those who order from the UCP Web Shop will also receive a special DVD that contains a message from the band, as well as making-of footage from the PV.

Along with the release NEGA will be holding instore events to commemorate the release.

June 9th @ Like an Edison Osaka
June 23rd @ Like an Edison Harajuku
June 24th @ Jishuban Club
June 24th @ Ikebukuro Brand-x
June 26th @ Sendai little HEARTS.
June 30th @ Like an Edison Nagoya
July 8th @ Osaka Pure Sound America-mura

Starting in June, the band will be going on a oneman tour, also celebrating the release, called “VANITAS VANITATUM”.

June 10th @ Kobe ART HOUSE
June 25th @ Ikebukuro RUIDO K4
June 27th @ Sendai BIRDLAND
June 29th @ Nagoya CLUB UP SET
July 1st @ Hakata DRUM SON
July 7th @ Shinsaibashi FANJ

UCP has also posted an image of the newest flier on their OHP. I have to say, it kind of creeps me out!

Are you looking forward to a new album from NEGA?

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Last lives for Kentz, featuring a few revivals

兼継 (Kentz), who is probably best known as the drummer for「あゃ」 (Aya), but was also in Le:view, Mars, Lusus, Sepia, GeNe, and did support for chariots, has announced two more performances, until he takes his leave from the stage. With his leaving, comes a few revivals from some old fan favourites!

The photo above is Kentz during his support stint with chariots; he is second from the right.

Planned for April, the events are titled “DREAMER with DEAR FRIENDS”. They are sponsored by KISAKI, and will be organized by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Date: April 21st @ Ikebukuro CYBER
Featuring: Aya, chariots, NEGA, BIOSPHIA, REALies, 水鏡 (Suikyou), ROGUE, yazzmad

Date: April 28th @ ESAKA MUSE
Featuring: Aya, chariots, VII-Sense, Dali, Anjyu, REALies, Vior gloire

Both shows cost 3,200 yen to attend, and ticket sales begin February 25th.

In his blog Kentz wrote,

Because of various reasons the announcement is a little dealyed, but I am sincerely grateful to the bands who are participating, the staff, and all those associated with the events.

This will be the last live I do in my life.

We have lots of things planned for the events, so invite your friends, and come hang out with us!

Source: Kentz’s Blog, RISKNOTE Twitter

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UCP Web Shop’s Valentine’s Fair

For all UNDER CODE fans, the UCP Web Shop has a “Valentine Special Fair” going on starting today (as of 10:00pm Japan time)!

They are offering thirty-five (although currently there are only thirty-three) personal items from the members of 凛 (Lin), NEGA, Megaromania, FUTURISM・BOYZ, and Black Gene for the Next Scene. There is only one of each item, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Most of the items are listed at 3,150 yen, and shiping of the items will begin on February 13th.

So what’s in store? Please note that all items also come with a polaroid.

From 凛 (Lin) Members

  • RIKU’s rose patterned t-shirt (no signature)
  • RIKU’s zebra print scarf (no signature)
  • RIKU’s slender, black jacket (no signature)
  • RIKU’s shirt - black [no description] (no signature)
  • RIKU’s apron; worn during their 12/31 - 1/11 performance (no signature)
  • KANATA’s apron; worn during their 12/31 - 1/11 performance (no signature)
  • KANATA’s shirt, with a gothic printed cross on the front (no signature)
  • KANATA’s shirt with a butterfly printed on the right breast (no signature)
  • KANATA’s shirt with English (letters) printed on the front (no signature)
  • KANATA’s vest; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • KANATA’s shirt; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • MIZUKI’s apron; worn during their 12/31 - 1/11 performance (no signature)
  • MIZUKI’s clothing - black [no description] (no signature)
  • MIZUKI’s black flower hair accessory, work on January 13th (no signature)
  • KISAKI’s shirt with English (letters) printed on the front (no signature)
  • KISAKI’s shirt (grey) with English (letters) printed on the front (no signature)
  • KISAKI’s clothing - black [no description] (no signature)
  • KISAKI’s tiara; worn on January 13th (no signature)
  • KISAKI’s necklace; worn on January 13th (no signature)
  • REIYA’s wine coloured, leopard print scarf (signed polaroid included)
  • REIYA’s vest; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • REIYA’s shirt; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • REIYA’s shirt; with English (letters) printed on it (no signature)


  • CO’s black vest; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • CO’s shirt; worn on January 14th (no signature)

From Megaromania Members

  • Sui’s Syndrome t-shirt (signed polariod included)
  • Misery’s vest; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • Misery’s shirt; worn on January 14th (no signature)

From NEGA Members

  • Jin’s Syndrome t-shirt (signed polaroid included)
  • SAN’s Syndrome t-shirt (signed polaroid included)

From Black Gene For the Next Scene Members

  • Rame’s vest; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • Rame’s shirt; worn on January 14th (no signature)
  • Rame’s hair accessory (no signature)

For more information and photos, check out the SPECIAL category at the UCP Web Shop.

Source: UCP Ameba, UCP Web Shop

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LuLu 3-Month Consecutive Release


Good news for LuLu fans! The band has announced that over the next three months (February through April) they’ll be churning out one new release per month.

1st Medicine
February 29, 2012
[Visual & Audio Remedy]
0と1の距離=∞ ~東京病棟~ (0 to 1 Kyori=∞ ~Tokyo Byoutou~)
Medical examination complete recording DVD
(This is a DVD of the aforementioned live.)

2nd Medicine
March 28, 2012
[Audio Remedy]
Self-cover mini album
『改体旧書』 ("Kaitai Kyusho")

3rd Medicine
April 25, 2012
[Audio Remedy]
Original mini album
『改体新書』 ("Kaitai Shinsho")

No further details have been released.
To commemorate these releases, LuLu will also have lives on (or very close to) the release dates. They are as follows: 

March 1 @ SHIBUYA-REX with Vallquar
March 28 @ SHIBUYA-REX with Megaromania, club J’night, the Darling
April 25 @ SHIBUYA-REX with NEGA, Vallquar, DEPAIN

Source: Visunavi

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