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Badman Down a Man

Badman announced some rather upsetting news earlier this month. Badman, a relatively new quartet…

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Jr Leaves ROGUE, Spurs Hiatus

ROGUE has announced that in a couple of weeks, drummer Jr will leave the band. As a result of his…

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Oneness’s First Anniversary Single

It seems like Oneness is already reaching that very important mark in their career–their first…

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TAISEI to leave Ecthelion

Just barely a month after the release of their second single “DIMENSION-ZERO-,” Ecthelion have made…

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THE GALLO Album Updates

At the end of September, we wrote about the announcement of THE GALLO’s first full album release,…

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Virgil Returns with Brand New Lives

Thanks to Thennary for letting us know! For fans of Virgil, we have some great news! After…

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Introducing: Tokyo Quartet

東京カルテット (Tokyo Quartet) is a colourful new band that will make their debut next month!

As the name suggests, the band consists for four members:

Vocal:  清人 (Kiyoto) [ex-CELLT, ex-楽團孤独 (Gakudan Hitori) , ex-江戸川パラドクス (Edogawa Paradox)]
Guitar: 拓海 (Takumi)
Bass: 未夢 (Mimu)
Drums: ふじ丸 (Fujimaru) [ex-R指定 (R-Shitei), ex-江戸川パラドクス (Edogawa Paradox)]

The quartet already have their first single planned! 「ミラクル☆電波」 (miracle☆denpa) hits the stores on July 18th in four colours, each corresponding to one of the members.

Red Edition - 1,050 yen
1. ミラクル☆電波  (miracle☆denpa)
2. 目隠しメリー (megakushi merry)

Blue Edition - 1,050 yen
1. ミラクル☆電波 (miracle☆denpa)
2. 人生綱渡り (jinsei tsunawatari)

Green Edition - 1,050 yen
1. ミラクル☆電波 (miracle☆denpa)
2. 恋色ニート謝罪。 (koi iro neat shazai)

Peach Edition - 1,050 yen
1. ミラクル☆電波 (miracle☆denpa)
2. サクラ乙女 (sakura shoujo)

The first 200 people to buy all four editions of the single in the period between July 18th and July 24th will receive a 「ミラクル☆電波」 (miracle☆denpa) live performance DVD as a present.

This release is coupled to six instore events. Each of the events is one hour long.

July 18 @ Like An Edison Tokyo
July 21 @ Skull Rose Fukuoka
July 27 @ Like An Edison Osaka
July 28 @ Visual Cafe SEVEN
July 30 @ Nagoya fiveStars
August 4 @ little HEARTS. Sendai

Tokyo Quartet’s first live is planned for July 9th at Ikebukuro EDGE. Other artists participating at the event are サウイフモノ (Souiumono), 2the DISCOLAND, POPCORE, コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon), ROGUE and the LEM. Tickets are 3,000 yen.
From July 20th to August 26th, the band will serve as opening act for Called≠Plan’s 『ヨゾライオン』 (yozo lion) oneman tour.

Source: OHP, vkdb

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ROGUE’s new single

On March 7th, ROGUE will be releasing their second single entitled, “CONTRAST”.

The single, which will cost 1,500 yen, will contain three tracks.
2. ペルソナ (Persona)

ROGUE’s first single, “Qualia”, was released back in May of 2011. The band officially started activites about a month later, on June 3rd with a sponsored event.

They are a four member band:
Vocals - ミナミ (Minami)
Guitar - - 祐 (Yuu)
Bass - RIO
Drums - Jr

You can catch ROGUE at any of their upcoming shows.

February 28th @ Shibuya STAR LOUNGE
March 3rd @ Ikebukuro BlackHole
March 9th @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4
March 26th @ Nagoya MUSIC FARM
March 27th @ OSAKA HOLIDAY
March 29th @ Shinjuku RUDIO K4
April 15th @ Shinjuku RUIDO K4
April 21st @ Ikebukuro CYBER

If you haven’t heard them before, but want to check them out, you can see a sample from the “Qualia” release.

Source: OHP, Visunavi

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Last lives for Kentz, featuring a few revivals

兼継 (Kentz), who is probably best known as the drummer for「あゃ」 (Aya), but was also in Le:view, Mars, Lusus, Sepia, GeNe, and did support for chariots, has announced two more performances, until he takes his leave from the stage. With his leaving, comes a few revivals from some old fan favourites!

The photo above is Kentz during his support stint with chariots; he is second from the right.

Planned for April, the events are titled “DREAMER with DEAR FRIENDS”. They are sponsored by KISAKI, and will be organized by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Date: April 21st @ Ikebukuro CYBER
Featuring: Aya, chariots, NEGA, BIOSPHIA, REALies, 水鏡 (Suikyou), ROGUE, yazzmad

Date: April 28th @ ESAKA MUSE
Featuring: Aya, chariots, VII-Sense, Dali, Anjyu, REALies, Vior gloire

Both shows cost 3,200 yen to attend, and ticket sales begin February 25th.

In his blog Kentz wrote,

Because of various reasons the announcement is a little dealyed, but I am sincerely grateful to the bands who are participating, the staff, and all those associated with the events.

This will be the last live I do in my life.

We have lots of things planned for the events, so invite your friends, and come hang out with us!

Source: Kentz’s Blog, RISKNOTE Twitter

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