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Scarlett to Disband

Well this wasn’t the news スカーレット (Scarlett) fans were looking forward to. After the release of…

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TAISEI to leave Ecthelion

Just barely a month after the release of their second single “DIMENSION-ZERO-,” Ecthelion have made…

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Memento Mori Brings in a Strong Winter


This winter, Memento Mori will release their 3rd single 「冬将軍」(Fuyu Shogun).  The release is set…

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New single for Scarlett

スカレット (Scarlett)’s third maxi-single came out earlier this month, and their next release is following hot in its heels!

Dropping on August 22nd, their new single is called 「糸」 (ito). It will be available in two types:

Limited Edition (CD+DVD) - 2,100 yen
1. 「糸」 (ito)
2. 蝉時雨 (semishigure)
「糸」 (ito) PV

Regular Edition (CD) - 1,575 yen
1. 「糸」 (ito)
2. 蝉時雨 (semishigure)
3. ー警告ー (-seikoku-)

A oneman tour to celebrate this release starts in September and counts three stops:

September 1 @ Hiroshima Namiki Junction
September 7 @ HOLIDAY OSAKA
September 9 @ Nagoya CLUB UPSET

The tour final, titled 「赤い意図」 (akai ito), is scheduled to rock Takadanobaba AREA on September 16th.

Tickets to each of the four lives cost 3,000 yen and are already on sale.

But this is not all! Since the first press of their best-of album 「四畳半ベストヒット集」 (yojouhan best hit-shuu) sold out, Scarlett will be releasing a second press on July 11th! On top of the 16 tracks originally included, this edition features 2 extra songs:

17. 灰色ノ乙女 (haiiro no shoujo)
18. ラストレター (last letter)

It also comes with a DVD containing the PV for 「雨の交差点」 (ame no kousaten). The price, however, remains the same: 3,150 yen.

Source: OHP

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Introducing: METEOROID

Good news for RED universe fans! Three of its members have come together to form METEOROID, a band that started activities this month!

Vocal: GENKI [ex-RED universe]
Bass: ral [ex-ELL., ex-シネマストリップ (Cinema Strip), ex-RED universe]
Drums: Tomoya [ex-RED universe]

METEOROID’s first live was on March 26th, when they played at one of 少女ーロリヰター23区 (Lolita23q)’s events. Their next performance is scheduled for May 10th at Takadanobaba AREA. Tickets for the event are 3,000 yen. Other bands performing include TRIGGAH, DEPAIN, A, Dacco, スカーレット (Scarlett) and NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST.
They also have a live scheduled for June 5th, again at Takadanobaba AREA. Tickets are 3,000 yen. TRIGGAH, DEPAIN, 【空-くぅ-】 (Kuu) and nil admirari will perform at that event as well.

At the May 10th live, METEOROID will receive support from guitarists TaNo [ex-RED universe] and 幽 (Yuu) [ex-GAKIDO]. On June 5th, TaNo will support them once more, accompanied this time by 鳴海 (Narumi) [ex-Bergerac].

If you’re curious about their sound, they have one video from their March 26th live on YouTube. What do you think?

Twitter users who wish to keep up with the band can follow GENKI and Tomoya!


Source: OHP, members’ blogs, YouTube, vkdb

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Introducing: LUCHe.

LUCHe. is a new band whose website opened last month, with their activities beginning on March 31st.

The members are:

Vocal - 斗真 (Tohma)
Guitar - ひかる (Hikaru)
Guitar - 一縷 (Ichiru) [ex-リミット (Limit)]
Bass - ゆたか (Yutaka) [ex-ZEAK]
Drums - 敬斗 (Keito)

Their first single, 七色story (nanairo story), will hit the stores on April 4th. It contains two tracks for 1,260 yen. The title fits with the band’s concept: Various Colour Rock. For those who wish to pre-order this release, it’s available for pre-order on CDJapan.

LUCHe.’s first live will be in celebration of this single. Fans who purchase 七色story  at the date will receive a special privilege. Their schedule counts two more events after that.

March 31st @ HOLIDAY OSAKA
『Various Colors Story』
LUCHe. / N@H-ノア- / Vent Croix / GLOSSA / Seek Of Liberty / MeLt-メルト。- / and more…
Tickets: 2,500 yen

May 4th @ Kobe Mersey Beat
Called≠Plan / FUTURISM・BOYZ / ワン★スター (One★Star) / LUCHe. / 2nd Dyz / スカーレット (Scarlett) / ASTRAY

(details not yet fixed)

Source: LUCHe. OHP, vkdb, CDJapan

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Scarlett’s best hits and new single

Great news for Scarlett fans! In the upcoming months, the band will be releasing both a best album and a new single!

The band’s best album, titled 「四畳半ベストヒット集」 (Yojouhan Best Hit-shuu), will be out on May 9th and cost 3150 yen for 3,150 tracks.


01. 雨の交差点 (Ame no Kousaten)
02. フラッシュバック (Flashback)
03. 未遂と少年 (Misui to Shounen)
04. 憂愁の待ち人 (Yuushuu no Machibito)
05. 神風哀哭録 (Kamikaze Aikokuroku)
06. コワレモノ (Kowaremono)
07. 慕情の日、女と嘘 (Bojou no Hi, Onna to Usa)
08. 赤い逃避行 (Akai Touhikou)
09. 媚薬 (Biyaku)
10. OVER
11. その末路 (Sono Matsuro)
12. ロストカルチャー (Lost Culture)
13. アゲハ少女 (Ageha Shoujo)
14. 売国≠紳士 (Baikoku≠Shinshi)
15. 桜花爛漫 (Oukaranman)
16. Hysteric Japanese

Next up is their third maxi-single, 「エキゾチックレイトショー」 (Exotic Light Show), which will be released on June 6th in two types. The first press edition will cost 2,100 yen and come with a CD and DVD, whereas the regular press is 1575 yen for a CD only.

To celebrate both releases, they will be having a commemoration oneman live called “Fullcourse” on June 10th at Ikebukuro BlackHole. On June 15th, they’ll be having another oneman called 「ゑびす通りハイカラ劇場」 (Ebisu Toori High Collar Gekijou) at Hiroshima Namiki Junction, and lastly on July 31st, the last at Shibuya STAR LOUNGE titled 「渋谷ハイカラ劇場」 (Shibuya High Collar Gekijou).

Source: OHP

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