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Yazzmad’s New Member, Single and Third Oneman

Yazzmad’s New Member, Single and Third Oneman

yazzmadIt’s been half a year since yazzmad released their single 「僕達が紡いだあの紛れもなく輝いた日々と、いつしか気付いてしまった最低な現実」(Bokutachi ga Tsumuida ano Magiremonaku Kagayaita Hibi to, Itsushika Kizuiteshimatta Saitei na Genjitsu) in January, and they’re preparing to bring in the second half of the year with a few new announcements! First off, they’re welcoming their new bassist KAZAMI to their ranks after the departure of…

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Re^ve’s Final “Never Festival”

Re^ve’s Final “Never Festival”


With very little explanation and no official OHP statement, Re^ve abruptly announced on March 30th that the band will dissolve on June 14th. The announcement came to light only on guitarist shu’s Ameblog in a very short entry:

Re^ve, which has been active since January 27, 2012,

After the one-man live on June 14, 2014 at Shibuya REX,

Will disband.

The remaining time of two and a half months is…

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TRIGGAH Complete Set - FLASHBACK - and More

TRIGGAH is on a roll lately — and they haven’t even had their official activity restart yet! After

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Yazzmad’s New Single, Second Oneman and More


Exciting news for fans of Yazzmad–this January they will be releasing a new single, and their…

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THE GALLO Album Updates

At the end of September, we wrote about the announcement of THE GALLO’s first full album release,…

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yazzmad’s First Full Album

Back in July, yazzmad announced that along with their joining of the label Marder Suitcase, that…

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yazzmad Joins marder suitcase, Produced by Tsuguki

For fans of yazzmad, we have big news for you! Not only have they announced their first oneman live…

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New Single for yazzmad

A new announcement from yazzmad today! This comes after the departure of their bassist and drummer last June, as well as the release of their first self-titled mini album.

yazzmad will be releasing a brand new EP, titled 「[Door]」on 2012.7.25! It will come in one type, include four songs and cost ¥1575. It’s also available on CDJapan for pre-order, so be sure and support them!

1. ポスト (Post)
2. ルリビタキ (Ruribitaki)
3. ノッキン (Knocking)
4. リプレイ (Replay)

Along with the single, they’ll be holding a short release tour in August, titled 「[Door]」. But, not before having a special release event! Titled 「-Remember the future-, it will take place at Shinjuku HEAD POWER and will cost ¥3500 to attend.
Participants include: yazzmad, umbrella, 次世代エキサイト (Jisedai Excite), リビドー (The Libido) and ex-Monokuro Kinema, Taketoshi’s session band, サイレントサイレン (Silent Siren.)

「[Door]」Release Tour
8.03 Shinsaibashi club ALIVE!
8.29 Takadanobaba AREA

Source: OHP, CDJapan 

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Last lives for Kentz, featuring a few revivals

兼継 (Kentz), who is probably best known as the drummer for「あゃ」 (Aya), but was also in Le:view, Mars, Lusus, Sepia, GeNe, and did support for chariots, has announced two more performances, until he takes his leave from the stage. With his leaving, comes a few revivals from some old fan favourites!

The photo above is Kentz during his support stint with chariots; he is second from the right.

Planned for April, the events are titled “DREAMER with DEAR FRIENDS”. They are sponsored by KISAKI, and will be organized by UNDER CODE PRODUCTION.

Date: April 21st @ Ikebukuro CYBER
Featuring: Aya, chariots, NEGA, BIOSPHIA, REALies, 水鏡 (Suikyou), ROGUE, yazzmad

Date: April 28th @ ESAKA MUSE
Featuring: Aya, chariots, VII-Sense, Dali, Anjyu, REALies, Vior gloire

Both shows cost 3,200 yen to attend, and ticket sales begin February 25th.

In his blog Kentz wrote,

Because of various reasons the announcement is a little dealyed, but I am sincerely grateful to the bands who are participating, the staff, and all those associated with the events.

This will be the last live I do in my life.

We have lots of things planned for the events, so invite your friends, and come hang out with us!

Source: Kentz’s Blog, RISKNOTE Twitter

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